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Welcome to Link Exchange Directory

To help webmasters promote their websites we started our new program - Articles Exchange. You have already known that in the attempts to better rank a website major search engines are looking for relevant content from other sites to the site. That is why relevant link exchanges are so important comparing to simple text link exchange. Having this in mind we went further. We offer webmasters to exchange articles. It is simple: you place an interesting article about your partner website and the site will place an article about yours. Those articles are not just simple links that is why for a search engine their value is much higher.

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Register today and receive instant access to your link trade program.

Define how you want to communicate with us: via FTP or SCRIPT.
On your home page add link to your link exchange directory.

No need to request link exchange. Just filter out categories and sites you don't want to exchange link with. The rest are your partners.


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Why are we different?
  1. Interactive link exchange system is automated but you are in full control of selecting which links to exchange.
  2. The links are different by format compared to other link exchanges - we use "articlette" type of links, not the "text" links. It gives you the ability to add your website image(logo), your company name, url, and quite a long description. When a search engine goes to your link pages it considers those links like small articles or news, not like text links.
  3. You can ask your customers to review your web site using our review pages and provide with the link to your websites' review page. The stats we monitor show that our review pages send a lot of traffic to your website.
  4. And we place your logos/banners on our fun link and logo page - additional source of traffic to your website.
What you should know before registration:

The number of sites linking to your website can be one of the major factors, considered by a search engine, when it is being ranked.
Together with the valuable content this number may place your website at top search engine positions and bring you all you want to have: popularity, customers, subscribers, money...
Not only is the number of linking sites important but the quality and relevancy of those links are as well.
If many bad quality and not relevant sites are linking to you and your site is linking to them, Google may penalize your site for being irresponsible for your website content. Sometimes several good links are better for you than hundreds of bad quality and none relevant links.
Having this in mind, we created the link exchange directory.
Our link trade program is set to solve 2 major problems that a webmaster meets when he/she tries to increase the link popularity via link exchange:

  1. Make link exchange easy. It is very time consuming and annoying to request link exchange manually. Our program does it for you. Once you registered and set up your website your link partners will be automatically linked to your site.
  2. Give a webmaster the ability to filter links he/she wants to exchange with. You can select which links you want to exclude out of your partners. You can do it link by link or you can remove an entire category of links. In this case if somebody who was removed still wants to exchange links with you, he/she must send you a link exchange request and you will make the decision for this particular link.
Check out the following links:

Link exhcange category list - preview which category your site fits in the best.
Link and logo page - fun page with banners of our members. But it is not only fun, this page also attracts a lot of traffic.


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Attention to the website owner.
In order to participate in our Free Link Exchange program you have to make sure that:
1. Your website was NOT created by an "automatic website creator".
2. You have an FTP access to your website and can place a file onto your website directory through the ftp.

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