The number of sites linking to your website via free link exchange service can be one of the major factors, considered by a search engine, when it is being ranked. Together with the valuable content this number may place your website at top search engine positions.
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Service Overview

Our service is simple. But sometimes setting it up may be a bit confusing. We want to help you pass the initial setup without having problems. Please read this overview carefully and remember that any time you have questions you can use our contact form to get professional help.

  1. Register for an account. Our system will send you a welcome email with your activation code. The only reason for this activation is to ensure  your email address is valid.
  2. Add your web site and define method of communication. This is a simple process during which you will have to add your site title, URL, description (with internal links), and small image that represents your site. You will have the option to create a header and a footer for your link directory, which will make the look of the page exactly as all other pages of your site. You will also have to add a link on your home page to the page where your link directory will be displayed.
    We offer 2 options if displaying our link directory at your site:
       A. Using FTP
       B. Using Script
    If you choose Script method we will supply you with a script code for your website. You will have to create a file with the code and place it on your web server. We support ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Coldfusion scripts.
    With FTP our software will transfer onto your site all the files necessary to browse link directory including images and CSS files.
  3. You can then log into your account and filter which of the member web sites you would like to trade links with. You may select a category which you want to trade links with and revise each link inside the category.
  4. If your link is ever removed by the other web site, it will be automatically reflected inside the category to which that side belongs. You will have the option of sending a request to this category to trade links. If this request is denied you may remove this link from your link partners. Within minutes, you will have access to other members who want to trade links.
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